School Info

Grades Taught

Kdn. to Gr. 12


​​Norquay School is a K-12 school located in the east central part of Saskatchewan in the Town of Norquay. The school has an enrolment of 220 students and offers a variety of educational and athletic programming to students both in town and surrounding areas.

Principal's Message

Dear Parents and Students,

School is a period of time in one's life when a person develops in many ways. This growth pattern, of which schooling contributes a great part to, cannot be separated from the family and community who all interact and support each other. Basic academic knowledge, methods of thinking, behaviour patterns, peer development, tolerance and understanding of various ethnic and cultural groups are some of the many facets encountered in a student's school years.

The acceptance and appreciation of the many different individuals who interact in school lead students to visualize, set and strive for goals, individually and as part of a team. Although the process and rates of development are difficult to understand at times, the end result is a student with commitment to proceed into the world and assume the responbilities that society passes on from one generation to the next.

In accordance with the school and division motto of "Students Come First" our school's specific aims are:

1. Providing students with the academic credentials to qualify for the various universities, colleges and technical schools.

2. Exposing students to as many experiences as possible which reflect the demands and expectations of the lavour force into which they will become skilled and active members of.

3. Preparing students for a society which has many various extracurriculuar activities in the fields of sports, fine arts and culture.

We appreciate the efforts, commitments and dedication by the Division and School Community Council members to ensure a program of quality education. With the many constraints to be handled, they seek to provide the best staffing, physical facilities and equipment necessary to deliver an education program.

With the continuing support and co-operation of boards, parents, community members, staff and students, our program will continue to be modern, efficient, and challenging.